Last weekend’s trip to dogfish brewery and dogfishalehouse was one to remember!Here’s a few pictures from the tour and behind that chain link fence is Sam’s private stash… unbelievable. I walked away with some 120 Minute IPAs but I’m so jealous. Just look at all that beer!! The greatest part was hearing from the tour guide that he’s saving a case of the very first batch of 120 ever made for when his kids turn 21. Cheers to that idea! That’s a hell of a beer to cut your teeth on… so they say ✨🍺✨

Anyway, there’s some cool photos here of the Palo Santo and bourbon barrels, the original Sir Hops Alot and brand spankin’ new setup on their sweet 200 barrel system. The beers are always amazing and crafted to absolute perfection. Believe me I had my fill. Quite a few exclusives too for my fellow beer nerds like two infused beers: a lighter ale Brewdolph with habenero and Meet Me at Midnight, which was a delicious dark ale brewed with wasabi, but I’m biased because I love hot and spicy foods. I hope to see these for sale sometime soon because any meal with a little kick to it would be perfectly paired with either of these beers. One more noteworthy combo - black & tan with World Wide Stout and 120 Minute IPA, which is rightly named Heaven & Hell, and godamnit was a hell-of-a-nightcap!

Plus I just wanted to add that for me the sheer amount of passion that goes into and out of everything that Dogfish Head does is awe inspiring. Sam Calagione is a pioneer and he gives me hope. I mean check out the first picture here of the installation that’s built right out front of the brewery named the Steampunk Tree House (made in collaboration with the Five Ton Crane Arts Group and Sean Orlando). Really captures the spirit of everything. Recycled scrap metal and other materials that were “made to explore the relationship between our rapidly changing natural world and the persistent human drive to connect with it and one another. It is our second nature.”

See more at: http://www.dogfish.com/company/tangents/steampunk-treehouse.htm#sthash.ZrUXab3i.dpuf

I feel like creativity and craft really come together at this company to showcase its vision, expertise, and genuine sense of community and culture as a brand.

Oh and last but not least a special thanks to lisaseifer and lesseifer for joining us on the great beer adventure! We had a lot of fun hanging out and next time we’ll make sure to climb that tree, cheers!!!

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